Retirement Plans

Whether you are a new employee just getting familiar with your pension benefits or a long-term employee considering retirement, you will find the information and tools you need here.

Learn About Your Retirement (CalPERS)

The earlier you learn about your retirement benefits, the better prepared you will become in making decisions in the future. Learn the basics of CalPERS benefits in this informative webinar CalPERS Members: Early Career Basics.

CalPERS Members: Early Career Basics

CalPERS Member Education Center

CalPERS Annual Member Statements

Employees may access their Annual Member Statement by logging into their my|CalPERS account at The statement will include the member’s accumulated service, a breakdown of contributions and interest, name of employer(s), and retirement formula(s).

If you would like to receive your annual statement by mail in future years, you can log in to and update your mailing preference, by going to the Profile tab and selecting Mailing Preference.


Planning Your Retirement

CalPERS Planning Your Retirement

This class helps CalPERS members prepare for retirement. Learn more about your CalPERS benefits and the retirement process. Log in to my|CalPERS to enroll.

Subjects include:

  • What is CalPERS?
  • Service Credit
  • Retirement Formulas and Benefit Factors
  • Final Compensation
  • Retirement Calculation
  • Survivor Continuance
  • Retirement Payment Options
  • Temporary Annuity
  • Post-Retirement Lump Sum Death Benefits
  • Taxes and Your Retirement
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
  • Retirement Application Process
  • Power of Attorney
  • Retiree Health Benefits
  • Working After Retirement
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Keeping Informed
  • Online Resources
  • Contacting CalPERS

CalPERS Updates

Senate Bill 294, Military Service Credit - Will enable employees who serve in the Military and take a Leave of Absence to receive CalPERS service credit at no cost under specific conditions. To learn more visit

CalPERS Upcoming Video & Web Events

View the schedule and register for upcoming webinars, webcasts, and other live events. 

Social Security Benefit Information

This class will provide general information about Social Security benefits and eligibility, as well as other valuable sources to help you plan your retirement.

my Social Security online accounts include:

  • Social Security Basics

  • Benefit Eligibility and Options

  • How Social Security benefits are calculated

  • Survivor and Spousal Benefits

  • Cost of Living Adjustments 

County of Riverside Retirement Planning - Post Employment Program

Retirement planning Post Employment Program Workshops are available to assist you in understanding the Post Employment Program. The workshops are for all employees in a regular position who plan to retire within the next year. A County of Riverside Retirement Specialist will meet with small groups of employees, bargaining unit specific, and provide them with important retirement benefit information. This is a terrific opportunity to obtain answers to your basic retirement questions.

Enroll Now - Post Employment Retirement Planning Workshops