Vision Benefits

To help you maintain good vision, the County of Riverside offers a voluntary vision plan through MES Vision for retirees and their eligible dependents.  A voluntary plan is one in which you are responsible for the full cost of the premiums.  Because the County is able to leverage its size and negotiate on your behalf, the premiums are lower than what you would pay if you purchased vision coverage on your own.

Monthly Premiums 2022:

Retiree Only                    $10.17

Retiree Plus One             $19.48

Retiree Plus Family         $25.84


Under this vision plan, you can choose between network and non-network providers—but you will receive a higher level of benefits if you go to a provider in the MES Vision network. MES Vision as the largest network in California and includes the major retail chains like LensCrafters, Wal-Mart, Target, and Pearle Vision. To find a provider in your area, you can visit MES Vision online at or call (800) 877-6372. When you go to a network provider, the plan pays the total cost of eye exams, as well as lenses and selected frames. Discounts are also available on lens options (such as ultraviolet protection) and laser eye surgery. If you decide to go to a non-network vision care provider, you will have to pay your entire bill at the time you receive services, and then file a claim with MES Vision. You will be reimbursed for your non-network expenses up to the allowances listed in the chart below.


A summary of benefits is provided below. 

Note: This plan does not require or provide an ID card.